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2018 Contestants

My name is Lea Raly I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a beautiful town called Bujumbura I was lucky enough to finish my high school there and be Amonsgt friends and family. I am hoping to pursue a nursing degree at the college of southern Idaho (CSI). I am very happy to have this opportunity to present and be an ambassador to my native country Rwanda, not only in Miss Idaho’s scholarship program but my adoptive community and state. my future and platform is to help orphans and refugees In our community and internationally. I like to volunteer, sing, dance and make new friends thank you.

My name is Raghad Jamal Dawood,  I was born in a very elegant and beautiful country called Egypt. I grew up in a big family of four siblings and we all came to the United States in 2010 from Egypt. I enjoy helping others especially my family who mean the most to me, I believe a good family foundation is the essence of a strong community. I am passionate about belly dancing which is self-taught from the age of 9 and part of my Egyptian culture, that I am very excited and proud to share with you all. I enjoy doing makeup, nails and facial which I do on a regular basis for my friends and family. For some people not only beauty great from within but outwords, it helps to add a boost towards self-confidence and I love being a part of that, I am currently working on enrolling in a cosmetology school. I chose to do this to show people the true meaning of a woman. Thank you for your support.

Hello, everyone, my name is Jassah Quoi. I’m running as Miss. Liberia in the Miss Africa Idaho pageant. I am 18 years old and I live in Pocatello Idaho. I’m also the youngest of ten children. I run track and field as well. My passion and dream in life is to become a lawyer and fight for justice and the rights of all people. The platform I have chosen to represent this year is to build wells in Liberia and supply clean water to places in Liberia that do not have a clean water supply. I would love it if you voted for me and helped me get one step closer to my dream.

My name is Barisuka promise cookey I am from River state in the beautiful country  Nigeria, I am delighted to represent and be an ambassador to my home country Nigeria. this year I will be participating in Miss Africa Idaho scholarship program so that I can showcase my talent, my platform and my passion of giving back to my community here in Idaho and Nigeria. I enjoy cooking authentic Nigerian food, displaying it and teaching people more on my culture. at the moment I am a nursing assistant but I would like to go back to school and study business management. my platform and passion is feeding and providing food for orphan children, I believe that when kids are hungry they can not concentrate in school or even be active in our community. I hope you all come and support me.

Bushra was born and raised in Sanaa Yemen to Somalian parents, She left Yemen when she was 12 and moved to Idaho with her mom and siblings. She started school in Boise and later graduated from Boise High School in 2014. Bushra is currently pursuing her studying Business Management. Her long-term goal is to complete her education and take her knowledge back to Somali and help create businesses.

Life is full of opportunities and it’s up to us to take it. Akon and her family traveled from a very far place they would call the motherland, Africa. She remembers just being six years old and she had no clue how strong her parents were in very difficult situations they made quitting no option what so ever. Akon was mainly focused with the beauty of art, her story is one that would puzzle you and now that she’s twenty years old the pieces are just now connecting. Her platform is to provide foreign aid for foster homes and orphanages.

Iman was born in Khartoum located in the Beautiful country of pyramids, Sudan. she moved with her family to Cairo Egypt when she was 2 years old where she attended elementary and middle school. In the year 2015 she moved to the United States with her mother Imam attended junior high in Idaho and she graduated from canyon ridge high school in Twin Falls ID. Iman is currently attending the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) pursuing her education in the dental program. She enjoys volunteer work and that’s what she did in her senior projects. she enjoys cooking as well and for her platform, she has decided to pursue the fight for Civil Rights for women and children.

Jolie Veronica Lupumba is from Zambia. She speaks four different languages; English, Bemba, Nyanja, and Swahili. She loves reading, listening to music, and singing in her spare time. My long-term goal to get Doctorate degree in Nursing I would like to help build homes for Orphans. She would like to help build homes for Orphans. There are a lot of children that are left without parents on the streets due to drugs and Alcohol, diseases, and lack of resources, which has resulted for family members and the state to care for them, and some are left on the streets to fend for themselves. She would like to help build homes and help find resources to help those in need.