About GKFolks Foundation

GK Folks Foundation (GKF) is a non-profit organization established in Idaho  with the focus of providing educational & entrepreneurial resource opportunities to African students in diaspora. GKF started the Idaho African Scholarship Fund initiative to help African students pursue their educational goals with a promise to give back to their respective African countries in the near future. As an organization we believe having quality education, entrepreneurship skills and financial resources such as “Start-up Capital” is the key to solving Africa’s economic and poverty issues.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower the youth through education and entrepreneurship, promote Africa’s diverse culture, enlighten people about Africa’s rich heritage and help facilitate real economic growth opportunities in Africa.


GK Folks Foundation believes that, having a quality education, entrepreneurship skills and Capital is the key to solving Africa’s emerging socio economic development issues. Our efforts are focused on providing educational & entrepreneurial resources/opportunities to the less privileged African students in the diaspora.
Our goal is to help these students gain a fine education with the necessary skills and hands on experience needed to succeed in their respective countries.We also promote African culture to enlighten people about Africa’s rich heritage and find avenues where we can help facilitate real economic growth opportunities.

Scholarships Programs

We envision the implementation of our Scholarship programs by organizing African cultural Scholarship Pageants, providing young African women the opportunity to share their culture, their pride and ultimately, their heritage with others. In participating in our cultural pageants, these African women will not only receive self-empowering experiences, but they will also qualify to receive financial assistance to further their education. 

African festivals

Our mission is to promote Africa’s traditional clothing, cuisine and dances from different regions of Africa, and providing an avenue for Africans in diaspora to meet, mingle and remember their roots.

Programs and Events

Miss Africa Utah Scholarship Program

Miss Africa Idaho Scholarship Program

E-commerce Entrepreneurship WorkShops

Annual African Student Scholarship Fund-raising Gala

Public Speaking workshops

Free IT/Business Consulting

African dance classes

African cooking classes

African Festivals


The Miss Africa Idaho  (MAI) cultural scholarship program is one of the various ways African students can apply and compete for scholarships from the African Scholarship Fund. MAI cultural scholarship has a  mission  to promote Africa’s diverse culture, educate people about Africa’s rich heritage, facilitate real economic growth opportunities, and empower youth through education. We provide scholarships and mentoring opportunities for African students in the United States to help them succeed in school.

The GK Folks Team