Halima Hamud

Halima Hamud arrived in our great city of trees in 2010 at the age of 9. She instantly fell in love with the November chill and our amazing community. She is currently in the midst of earning her political science degree political science at Boise State University. She holds a sociology associate as well. At Boise State campus, she is involved in the student government and holds a Vice President of academic affairs position. She is the secretary for the African Student Associations. This summer she has been accepted into a two-year research program, Mcnair. In this program, she will learn how to put together graduate school quality research and she will produce her own research. She has been involved with grassroots campaigns for our city council and been involved in uplifting women in resilience in our community. Whether that is their mental wellness, confidence, financial independence, and much more. Halima believes it’s critical to the growth of our country to amplify the voices of women and girls. She hopes to give back to Boiseians through her passion as a public servant. Halima is in the middle of writing her first book, a collective essays that center on the perseverance and triumph of the diaspora.